Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)


Project Details

KFC was looking for a new method to display their menu board of product offerings in it’s locations. The system needed to be reliable, cost effective and improve messaging compliance.

NESTSYS DIGITAL SCREEN was chosen to implement digital menu board system into locations selected for a series of pilot and market tests.

To-date the digital menu board system is being deployed to Singapore stores islandwide. The network continues to expand into new markets throughout the South East Asia.





The Resultkfc2

KFC successfully implemented the digital signage to address a variety of issues surrounding traditional menu boards and the in-store environment.

With digital menu boards KFC is able to update their content from an off-site location and monitor that each location is in 100% compliance.

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    Replace static LED display board with Digital Menu board and promotion Media Wall

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    Since 2013

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